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Chunky, High-protein granola (with foodie facts)

Jump to recipe This recipe is for people like me that wish we could eat cake and biscuits for breakfast but, begrudgingly understand it’s not the most healthy or energy-fueling way to start the day. Don’t get me wrong every…


Romesco sauce – red pepper sauce (with foodie facts)

Jump to recipe Houmous is my food soul mate. It is my lunch staple, crudite confidante, snacking accomplice. However, very occassionally my houmous obsession can peak and I need an exceptional replacement to fill such tasty shoes. For those days…


Date crispy treats – nut free option (with foodie facts)

Jump to recipe Toffee crisp bars are a classic chocolate bar in the UK. They are a finger of rice cereal mixed with chewy caramel, coated in milk chocolate. This recipe is in ode to this sweet-shop staple. Absolutely all…


‘Breakfast in a bar’ bars

Jump to recipe During this daunting, boring, negative, scary, unfair, bleak, dull, never-ending time that Coronavirus has created, we need to treat ourselves with fun and yummy goodies to brighten these uncertain time. Moreover, maintaining good health is more crucial…


Mushroom & bean stroganoff

Jump to recipe I have been promising you guys over on instagram this recipe for ages now. Well today I have finally gotten round to typing up and sharing it with you. As I write, it’s a bleak, grey, rainy…


Apricot & Elderflower sandwich biscuits

Jump to recipe These sweet sandwiches are light and delicate. Two shortbread style biscuits with a “buttery” & tender crumb are sandwiched with a generous splodge of vibrant and naturally sweetened apricot jam. The gentle, floral hints from the elderflower…


Mint Julep tarts (vegan)

Jump to recipe Week 5’s bake off theme is roaring 20’s. I’ve been loving how outside the box the show has been with the episodes this year. Bake off gives me so much inspiration and new ideas to get in…


Vegan cream cheese (nut free)

Jump to recipe The internet is saturated with vegan cream cheese recipes and most of the recipes I come across are either very high fat/ contain nuts or soya. I’ve also tried an array of supermarket vegan cream cheese products…


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